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BOYDEL's Latest Update:

Emerging Rocket Award

March 2018

BOYDEL is delighted to have just been recognized by the "Ready to Rocket" organization at Emerging Rocket.

"We identify companies that have proven their technology and are positioned well for growth. Our analysis of market trends led to our selection of BOYDEL Wastewater Technologies Inc. as an 'Emerging Rocket' cleantech company." 

Dave Thomas, Senior partner, Rocket Builders. ​​​


New Technology Breakthrough

December 20, 2017

UNDER 10 mg/L BOD now developed 100% electrochemically 

We are very pleased to report that our Director of Research, Dr. Hector Alvarez-Vazquez, and his tech group have identified a new way to operate the Boydel WaterMiner treatment train to reliably deiver in raw sewage treatment:

<10mg/L  BOD
<5 mg/L TSS
below detect fecal coliform.
​Plus all of the other contaminant removals that Boydel's EC-EAO provides.

New Gen.4,  BOYDEL ECR 


August 30, 2017

  1. Managing Director
​​Boydel is pleased to confirm that the CEO, President and our staff PhD will be attending WEFTEC in Chicago October 2-4th 2017.
We are available to meet with any interested parties. 
Please send us a note on our contact page so that we can set up a mutually convenient meeting place and time. 


WEFTEC  2017

New Website

August 21, 2017

We are pleased you are visiting our new website. 

Our News section is under development and will be up shortly.

    An 8 ECR module plant schematic

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